Wednesday, 25 January 2017 12:24 am
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Wow. Cooking dinner equals death.
I made curry rice (not even from scratch), except for looking up instructions and having some white meat foremeal (none of the three real words satisfied me..) - few bites, I started cooking after waking up. And still, prep and three plates later, I'm beat.
- The bar's juiced out, head spinning (okay, the level of spice wasn't helpful), paws useless and I went to the keyboard to hit 'regeneration'.
I'm so glad my working space is set up arm's length from the floor and 0 cm from the bedding.
Bless me for not buying a bed..! Anyway: TMGE and adult curry, hooray. Nevermind mind and body. As long as the clothes are comfy...


I kind of wonder why I named myself Yu1n Ha. Of all things. ...I guess I do need a name, and not the one ma gave me; if only because I'm not a character from a romantic novel.
How long will this one last, I wonder?
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