Friday, 27 January 2017 01:31 am
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You know how you're not really angry but you can't think and ignore nice things and get a tiny bit hungry even though you're not hungry?
That's me now. Gently chewing on wiring and intently staring in front. Letting the night meal ideas roll on my mind instead of writing what I'd get assigned.
Too bad the nearest cold and dark forest is two highways away.
But okay, I'll try to do with food and music. Even if I've not hit anyone or ran for so long...
Come on, let me at least "decorate" my room.

Thursday, 26 January 2017 09:05 pm
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Who am I? Maybe I want to know. Maybe that's why we make journals.
In any case, I should start right off the beginning.

Maybe it's just because I type a lot and don't have much else to do (in the end, I'm a very human beast, right).

What I need to live:

Wednesday, 25 January 2017 03:50 pm
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  1. rock
  2. my territory
  3. silence and peace
  4. rice => good rice cooker
  5. whiteboard
  6. paper
  7. things you can write with
  8. KBS World
  9. sleep
  10. the right kind of colours
  11. the sound of stopwatch
  12. Leszi & Dwarfess
  13. good immediate heat control
  14. to create things
  15. good assortment of pills
  16. japanese
  17. certainty
  18. records
  19. icecream
and what would be nice:

romantic love
at least some basic go
nice cute little humble home bar
work [not job]
at least once a week meat
better stove
managing Sara, Eeva and new and old friends
fish, spider or parrot
not having to act normal so much
some DVDs (B-R/VHS; VHS player)
more/own vinyls and CDs
to learn to use cassettes
oldish pc
guests & being able to take care of them
not ever getting "sick-sick" again
forgetting death
moving about
the world to be better
driver's license => biking

Wednesday, 25 January 2017 12:24 am
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Wow. Cooking dinner equals death.
I made curry rice (not even from scratch), except for looking up instructions and having some white meat foremeal (none of the three real words satisfied me..) - few bites, I started cooking after waking up. And still, prep and three plates later, I'm beat.
- The bar's juiced out, head spinning (okay, the level of spice wasn't helpful), paws useless and I went to the keyboard to hit 'regeneration'.
I'm so glad my working space is set up arm's length from the floor and 0 cm from the bedding.
Bless me for not buying a bed..! Anyway: TMGE and adult curry, hooray. Nevermind mind and body. As long as the clothes are comfy...


I kind of wonder why I named myself Yu1n Ha. Of all things. ...I guess I do need a name, and not the one ma gave me; if only because I'm not a character from a romantic novel.
How long will this one last, I wonder?

on acts

Tuesday, 24 January 2017 01:48 am
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I've a problem. Through getting lost in time by sickness I already managed to rebuild my ability 
to pretend, in manners, but I cannot regain my eyes - by seeing actors and persons, I became all 
too human: except for the eyes. I can't make them stop looking uniformly like dead Mr. fish's! I 
can't even move people by my stare (as I used to basically involuntarily), let alone show emotion. 
True, it hinders living, but it's more about my pride... The incompleteness is my problem.


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