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Name:Pet Beast
Location:DREAMS, Bohemia
On one hand I like magicy things: like my family, my neighbourhood friends. Deep things, polished and snobbish as well. Food, complicated yet pleasant music. Foxes and legal drugs.
And then there's the rest, loud, flashy, natural, extreme, childish... I love those good fine dresses that I own and antique books (reliability as source confirmed) and discussions of child-caring and architecture. But in the end I'm different.
Full of colours, shapes, perversion, gypsiness, anarchy. And all the other unimaginable things.
Well, of course I'm worried about showing a bit too much per day of the 80s-meets-rapper-meets-girly-girl-biker-gang fashion sense and robotics talk and disturbed noise musics and fabric dolls and walls with text quickly scribbled all over them and the ways I can sprawl on floor or climb on armchairs when relaxed. Even if I'm not particularly hiding anything, I can't help having times of silence or mild glitches when I get consternated over how threatened normal people can be by a damn teapot. Just 'cause it's fish-shaped.
Naturally, the people who knew me in full intensity are sometimes just as left behind by my maturity and specificness.
But it's clear, along all the other things, I am both.
Yeah, and more.
I'm not surprised, I just AM; to the best of my abilities.
Honestly, I don't know who I am, the problem is probably that I'm the only one who knows they don't know...
Anyway, I'm a kid, trying to cohabit with a bunch of kids, right.
It's hard to say anything else but "whatever"!!

I'm sorry; I have to be honest, I was a bit lazy with this. - My icons, design, profile, organisation. Well. Just sorry, nothing more than that really.

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curry, dollmaking, eating, eating together, hairstyling, immortal songs 2, making chokers, making circlets, monsters, mr. house husband, nakajima miyuki, naming, not dying, songs, songwriting, suga shikao, water, writing pretty
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